Joe Coffee

Student Concept Project and A Solution

The Joe Coffee mobile app brings coffee lovers and local specialty coffee shops together. Through the app, users can order and purchase coffee, and skip the wait in line. Their tag line is "coffee on your terms". Joe Coffee is an existing business.


The app benefits small, local shops by allowing them to participate in an app that offers a service to customers that is usually limited to large companies.

Duration: two weeks

Teammates: Stephanie Marton and Daniel Nelson

My Role

My main role in this project was competitive and comparative researcher. I also spearheaded the presentation.

The Challenge

  • Address retention problem-usage of the app drops off after about a month

  • The app needs an updated look and streamlining of the ordering process

  • Joe coffee’s research reports that users want a loyalty program

Competitive Research

Joe coffee is the only pre-order app that serves local specialty coffee shop in the Seattle area.


 The “Cups” App offers the same services in cities outside of Seattle. The nearest cities served by Cups are San Francisco and Sacramento, CA.


I looked at several apps from large companies that offered the same service for their own brand. A sample of these companies were-

  • Starbucks
  • Peets 
  • Specialty’s

I chose these companies because they served the local market. I also wanted to compare the "look" and the ordering process.

I looked at a variety of companies for a survey on various loyalty program. I also looked at some research on the efficacy of these programs.

  • There is demand for the “buy local” mindset

  • Loyalty programs increase business

  • User Research and customer feedback indicates the need for a loyalty program.

  • Waiting in line wasn't a big pain point-this was a surprising find!

Summary of User Research


Our Competitive and User research gave us a number of ideas for implementation. These steps proved to be successful in the real world!

User research and the goals of Joe coffee, were used to streamline the ordering process. We were also able to give the app a more open look. Because a loyalty program was one of the most sought improvements, we looked into the various programs offered by other companies and devised a plan for Joe Coffee. 


While not officially a client, Joe Coffee is a real business. Daniel Nelson, part of our team, reached out to Brenden Martin, Co-Founder of Joe Coffee and let him know we had been assigned their company for a concept project at General Assembly. Brenden asked Daniel to share our project with him after it was finished. Brenden was very pleased with the outcome. 

“We have spent countless hours white boarding ideas and user flows for the ordering process over the past couple of years. The result was continually being disappointed in the outcome. After working with the UXDI-(14) group, I couldn’t be more excited about their solutions to the ordering pages. Their solution reduced the number of decisions users have to make, while at the same time allowing for complete customization. This has been a pain point for our users for quite some time and we are thrilled it’s been solved”. 

Brenden Martin

Co-Founder, Joe Coffee

Selection of Wireframes

Wireframes by Stephanie Martone and Daniel Nelson

Next Steps

  • I would be interested in seeing some pages in higher fidelity to get a better idea of what the finished product would look like.

  • I would test the the wireframes for usability with more users.

  • Some promotion at local farmers markets and similar events may expose more of the "buy local" crowd to their app.

Take Aways

This project offered great experience in team dynamics. It also provided an opportunity to conduct various forms of research. We were so excited that the co-founder liked what we had accomplished and that he plans to use some of our ideas in a refresh of their app!

My concept for a login page