Everyday Music


Solo Student Concept Project

This was my first project using UX tools like Sketch, Omnigraffle and InVision. 

Everyday Music is the largest and longest running of the local stores specializing in used music and video media.They pride themselves in being low tech and user friendly, but an online presence would make even their local, loyal customers happy.

Duration: 2 weeks

The Challenge

Design an online shopping experience for Everyday Music. Meet the goals of the users, the business and the brand.

This project was challenging because I had never used Sketch, Omnigraffle and InVision before. For that matter, I had never made a wireframe either. I'm happy to say that all the stress of this project was a great motivator to learn in a hurry. Now Sketch is one of my favorite things!

Competitive Research

I researched two other local used record stores, Jive Time Records and Sonic Boom Records, and a used bookstore, Arundel Books. I also looked at several online sites including Tower Records, DeepDiscount.com, and secondspin.com. Of the two other local used record stores in Seattle, only one had an online shopping site.

Given that there are a number of websites that offer used music and video media, I decided a local angle would be a good idea. An online website would be an additional service offered to their existing customers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Just think, if you didn't feel like braving that cold winter day or the crazy traffic you could still visit Everyday Music and see what's new or buy your next favorite. This could be a starting point for a larger audience.


For this project we were given a choice of three already created personas. I chose the Persona "John".



  • Interested in vintage music and anything cool and new

  • A single Dad  who needs gift ideas for his twelve year old daughter

  • Likes sharing his interest of music with his daughter

Pain Points

  • poor and unappealing design

  • difficulties in navigation

  • slow and cumbersome ordering

  • expensive shipping 


  • ease in finding what’s new

  • feeling a relationship with his favorite businesses

  • information on what's popular

A Day in the Life of John



New Menu


To meet John's desires, the wireframes are clean and uncluttered to make navigation more effortless. John likes to have a relationship with the businesses he frequents. To help achieve this, I propose a membership that offers users fun perks like curated playlists and a yearly grab bag based on their profile and purchase history. Free or reduced shipping would be another benefit. As John has come to expect with online shopping, his profile would provide shipping and payment information to speed up the ordering process. 

The benefits of an online store would be increased business to Everyday music. Local customers would be able to shop and browse at their leisure when weather and traffic make getting to capitol hill a chore. Collectors everywhere would welcome another source for used records. An option of in store pick-up for items ordered online would keep people coming to the store.

Take Aways

This project caused it's share of exasperation. The scope was daunting and my skill level and knowledge of UX design was low. However, by the end of the project I had  learned a lot and was feeling more comfortable with the whole process. It can be worrisome to face such a big task, but I learned to take a deep breath and believe in myself